New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 7.3.0
Released: May 20, 2024
New features
  • Resolved compatibility issues between reWASD and certain games;
  • Implemented restrictions to ensure stable compatibility.
Fixed issues
  • Resolved the issue where gyro on/off mapping didn't function on handheld devices;
  • Fixed a bug related to automatically selecting a virtual device when connecting a target device using ESP32-S2;
  • Corrected the functioning of the UDP server;
  • Fixed the bug causing the Radial Menu to not respond to Azeron Cyro mouse movements;
  • Resolved the issue where the ability to change hands for Azeron via RMB using the controller icon had disappeared.
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 7.2.0
Released: April 9, 2024
New features
  • Updated sub-config panel for increased flexibility: split/merge, copy/paste sub-configs effortlessly;
  • Configure press time for long, double, and triple presses directly within the config;
  • Expanded controller support: added DarkWalker ShotPad (wireless edition), Sony Access Controller (recognized as DualSense), and PDP Afterglow Wave Wireless Controller (recognized as Nintendo Switch);
  • Gyro support for Asus ROG Ally, AOKZOE A1, and AYANEO 2S controllers;
  • Fine-tune rumble with the "Test vibration" function for precise control.
Fixed issues
  • GUI crash when saving the Radial Menu shift-layer as default was fixed;
  • Resolved an issue where the Radial menu malfunctioned when the same config was applied to two devices used one by one;
  • Fixed the issue where the LB+RB+VIEW+MENU shortcut not only stopped combo execution but also blocked the functioning of all other mappings.
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 7.1.0
Released: February 8, 2024
New features
  • Use your Sony, Nintendo, or Xbox gamepad as an output device and remap it with reWASD mapping without hiding it from the system or creating a virtual controller;
  • Virtual controller settings were renamed as Output device settings;
  • Set the position of the Radial Menu (center or corners) and explore the additional icons to customize your Radial Menu even more;
  • "Hide input device from the system" option added to use the keyboard and mouse within the system exclusively;
  • Magic wand design updated and expanded to accommodate new features.
Fixed issues
  • The issue where the trackpad on Steam Deck was unable to select Radial Menu sectors;
  • Corrected the Read-only mode, granting access to changes in the "Add description" despite restrictions;
  • Removed the battery status display for Flydigi Vader 3 Pro, which helped solve the problem with connection stability;
  • Addressed delays in applying translations to the Radial Menu when changing languages;
  • Resolved various GUI crash scenarios;
  • Radial Menu rare crashes and stability issues fixed;
  • The drift of the virtual DS4 stick in the center was fixed.
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 7.0.0
Released: November 16, 2023
New features
  • Explore the Radial Menu feature and go beyond your usual gameplay;
  • Added support for Flydigi Vader 3, but without adaptive triggers;
  • Reset settings to their default values using a dedicated button or by double-clicking the slider;
  • Added the display of the Flydigi Apex 3 battery charge indicator; Inner updates and improvements to enhance the stability of LEDs.
Fixed issues
  • Stability issues with the Bluetooth connection of JoyCons have been fixed;
  • Minor bugs related to the autodetect functioning have been fixed;
  • The slider control issue on the Steam Deck touch display has been resolved.
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.7.1
Released: September 14, 2023
New features
  • Implemented .NET Core installation instructions if the automatic download fails;
  • Added the option for Apple Magic Trackpad 2 driver support in preferences;
  • Enhanced the support team contact form;
  • Improved overall stability.
Fixed issues
  • Fixed issues with the starting wizard on the Cucumber RS ESP32-S2 board;
  • Fixed the crash of reWASD for ARM during the setup of an external device with GIMX/ESP32/ESP32-S2;
  • Fixed an issue where the Azeron Cyro mouse was visible and working as a separate device;
  • Fixed a bug where games don't initialize External DS4 created using GIMX or ESP32-S2 without an authentication gamepad;
  • Fixed a crash when using a keyboard and mouse or a composite of such devices with enabled LEDs;
  • Fixed a rare bug with Steam Deck/Steam controller initialization.
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.7.0
Released: August 16, 2023
New features
  • Implemented compatibility for handheld gaming PC’s powered by Windows;
  • Added support for SteamDeck native gamepad ;
  • Added emulation of a virtual gyroscope;
  • A new easy way to contact the support team through the software was added;
  • Added feature status and compatibility checking for configurations;
  • Added support for ESP32-S2 USB adapter as an alternative to GIMX;
  • Included support for the Hori Fighting Commander OCTA designed for Xbox Series X/S;
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Improved overall stability
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.6.0
Released: May 31, 2023
New features
  • Squared Sticks settings for virtual controllers;
  • Integrated Community Search into reWASD software;
  • Connection of Xbox One/X/S console to reWASD via GIMX implemented;
  • New controllers added: Hori Fighting Commander OCTA and Flydigi Apex 3 (without adaptive triggers);
  • ESP32 Firmware Updated;
  • "Hide from Windows Store applications (affecting all slots)" option added in preferences.
  • Improved overall stability and performance of reWASD.
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: issues with the Azeron Cyro Wheel;
  • Fixed: the touchpad issue on DS4 controllers was addressed;
  • Fixed: touchpad on the Mobile Controller is now fixed and functions as expected;
  • Fixed detection problem on the new Flydigi Apex 2 model;
  • Fixed: hiding Azeron Xbox 360 on some systems.
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.5.1
Released: March 16, 2023
New features
  • Current PS Remote Play issue with reWASD connection was fixed;
  • Added native driver support for the Apple Magic Trackpad 2;
  • Added switch of Azeron keypads to software mode during apply;
  • German localization updated.
Fixed issues
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.5.0
Released: March 6, 2023
New features
  • Use an ESP32 Bluetooth adapter to connect an external virtual controller to your PS4 or Nintendo Switch console
  • Added support for remapping a range of popular controllers such as the Azeron Cyro, DualSense Edge, Hori Wired Mini Gamepad for PlayStation 4, GameSir G7 Wired Controller, and XIM Nexus
  • The Google Stadia gamepad is now supported via Bluetooth connection
  • Updated LED settings functionality
  • Introducing a new Mobile Controller: the Mouse Touchpad in the reWASD Junior Android app
  • Implemented two-way communication between PC and mobile controllers in the reWASD Junior Android app: vibration sending, LED settings, states of your PC keyboard, and notifications about low charge
  • Localization in Brazilian Portuguese and Ukrainian languages is added
  • The overall stability and performance of reWASD were improved
  • The ability to apply presets to the current layer in Dynamic Shifts was added
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Improved overall stability
  • Fixed: Fixed recognition of virtual DS4 in Apex Legends
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.4.0
Released: December 12, 2022
New features
  • Dynamic Shift-layers
  • Added ability to save layers as presets
  • Support reWASD on ARM
  • Meet new Mobile controller to fully control your PC: Mouse+Keyboard in reWASD Junior Android app
  • Added gyroscope and rotation sensors in the reWASD Junior iOS app
  • Added Dynamic Shifts support on user's game profiles on the reWASD Junior apps
  • Added checkbox for turning off remapping by Ctrl + Alt + Del hotkey on Preferences
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Scroll on the panel with connected devices and changed the grouping of these ones
  • Fixed: Agent/GUI crash after using a config with Autoremap
New features
reWASD 6.3.2
Released: November 8, 2022
New features
  • Discover the Mobile Controller feature to turn your iOS device into a gamepad.
  • Touchpad and iPhone sensors (Gyro and Rotation Vector) will soon be available in the following releases.
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.3.1
Released: September 28, 2022
New features
  • Manage how the config content is displayed with the View menu
  • Change how Virtual controllers behave on device disconnection
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: If the list on configs is too long, the last one is not displayed properly
  • Fixed: Device panel scroll is displayed above the device icons
  • Fixed: Add the Z axis (yaw) and accelerometer inheritance from physical DS3 to Virtual DS3
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.3.0
Released: September 16, 2022
New features
  • Discover Mobile Controller feature to turn your Android device to the gamepad
  • Remap Xbox Elite Series 2 paddles using firmware version 5.13+
  • Say hello to the Virtual DualShock 3 controller
  • Group the disconnected devices, and Apply configs to them
  • Explore a redesigned interface to help your flow
  • Use reWASD powers to remap Razer Wolverine V2 as Series X
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Several issues with Xbox LEDs
  • Fixed: Various GUI and Engine crashes
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.2.1
Released: June 10, 2022
New features
  • Enable and adjust Trackball mode for Steam controller
  • Manage configs applied to Slots when Remap is OFF and get back to the same Slot after turning Remap ON again
  • Change the Size of any Overlay type
  • Hook gamepad and keyboard controls in Shortcuts
  • Enable Microphone LED of DualSense on Remap and Shift changing
  • Change the type of the virtual controller or remove all its mappings using Magic Wand
  • Copy all stick and gyro settings to use in new configs or layers
  • Check Total combo time while creating complex combos
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: It is not possible to hook SR/SL buttons on Joy-Cons in reWASD GUI
  • Fixed: Toggle of the analog trigger set to Long Press activator toggles trigger even with a slight press
  • Fixed: Any mapping in a Shift layer won’t be triggered automatically without the necessity to re-press the button manually if the layer was switched while this button is pressed
  • Fixed: The gamepad button used as Hold Shift Jump won’t work natively if the gamepad is remapped to the virtual controller automatically and the manual mapping is not set
  • Fixed: The LED of Xbox Elite 2 & Xbox Series X doesn’t react on the Low battery status
  • Fixed: Not all strings are translated on the fly — restart is required after changing language
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.2.0
Released: May 13, 2022
New features
  • Choose any device to play on the Switch console with your amiibo backups
  • Map combos to Start and Release activators
  • Copy and paste Response settings for sticks, gyro and mouse
  • Set a custom name for Shift layers and Main configuration
  • Clear a config or sub-config to start adjusting it from scratch
  • Check new start page with easier access to your game profiles
  • Start your combo with a pause or rumble
  • Clone game profiles from their context menu
  • Choose if you want to get new configs and release info with new versions
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Shortcuts created out of the buttons on some complex gaming keyboards and mice are not working
  • Fixed: Shortcuts of the buttons that are mapped to the virtual controller analogs automatically are working together with the Shortcut itself unless you remap them to the virtual analogs manually and add Mute
  • Fixed: The buttons that are mapped to the virtual controller analogs automatically are always re-pressed regardless of “Re-press the held button when switching the Shift layer” option’s state unless you remap them to the virtual analogs manually and add Mute
  • Fixed: DualSense LED notifies about the low battery only once instead of repeating the notification each 5 minutes
  • Fixed: Prevent doesn’t stop other apps from using DualSense LED when the controller is connected via Bluetooth and USB at the same time
  • Fixed: GUI crashes if you click on Mouse sub-config while adjusting the advanced settings for the trackpad of the Steam controller
  • Fixed: The mapping from Button 23 of Azeron Cyborg controller appears near Remap is ON/OFF button
  • Fixed: Hold until release combos do not work for Long, Triple and Double activators of the Shortcuts
  • Fixed: The button used as Shift Jump with mapping in the destination layer will work natively for a moment if the controller itself remapped to any virtual one
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.1.1
Released: March 31, 2022
New features
  • Remap Nintendo Switch Online gamepads: N64, SNES, Japanese and International NES and SEGA Genesis
  • Assign Hold Jumps to Shortcuts
  • Get more options for Player and Home LEDs
  • Check Japanese localization
  • Remap Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3in1 gamepad
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: The sticks of some Nintendo Switch Pro clones do not work
  • Fixed: Random Joy-Con buttons emulate wrong virtual controller buttons if both controllers are grouped and a config includes the Shortcuts of the controls from L & R Joy-Cons
  • Fixed: It is not possible to hook the buttons of the second Joy-Con in a group
  • Fixed: Xbox Elite Series 2 LED shows wrong colors after switching the Slots using the physical button
  • Fixed: Random GUI crash after grouping a few complex devices
  • Fixed: The second GIMX adapter is not working if the first one was created in the previous session
  • Fixed: The remap state of several configs with different GIMX adapters may not be restored after the OS restart
  • Fixed: The config that includes a Hold until release Combo with a half-pressed trigger could not be shared to Community
  • Fixed: It is not possible to edit the same Custom Response curve after the restart of the GUI in some cases
  • Fixed: DS4 reports the critical battery state after the applied config if it is disconnected but is a part of the working group
  • Fixed: The status of the External adapter is not refreshed on the fly in some cases
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.1.0
Released: February 25, 2022
New features
  • Remap all buttons of Flydigi controllers: Apex 2, Apex 1, Vader 2 Pro and Vader 2
  • Try endless possibilities of fully reworked Shift mode
  • Check our new smart frame for mappings
  • Remap Thrustmaster Wireless Black as Generic controller
  • Try reWASD on ARM architecture (experimental support)
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: It is not possible to use touchpad Zone on DS4 as a switcher to another Shift
  • Fixed: While hiding physical DS4 and Dualsense controllers connected via BT and USB simultaneously, the second phantom device stays in the system
  • Fixed: Some USB controllers do not work in the system after waking from Sleep, Hibernation or Fast Boot and should be replugged
  • Fixed: Xbox Elite 2 may loose vibration if Xbox Extended Feature Support is on in Steam’s Big Picture
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Alt+Del hotkey doesn’t work with Delete key located on the Numpad panel
  • Fixed: BSOD issue with rtbth.sys Bluetooth driver
  • Fixed: Azeron Classic/Cyborg could not be added to the group while Exclusive mode notification is shown
  • Fixed: Xbox Elite 2 LED for Connected status doesn’t work for 1-3 physical slots while Remap is OFF
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.0.1
Released: December 23, 2021
New features
  • Adjust colored Xbox Elite Series 2 LED
  • Change the mode and brightness of Xbox Series X and One S LED (5.11+ firmware only)
  • Update to the newest version with several stability fixes
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Some clones of Nintendo Switch Pro are not detected via Bluetooth after the update
  • Fixed: Some users with non-English locale could not launch the background agent due to issues with Windows Defender
  • Fixed: Several specific crashes reported from users
  • Fixed: Remove applied config from slot on exit from the associated app option removes configs from other Slots that were applied manually
  • Fixed in It is not possible to create more than one Virtual Xbox One for different devices
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 6.0.0
Released: December 17, 2021
New features
  • Check fully reworked GUI architecture with the familiar design but massive optimization
  • Edit mappings in Android app; view and apply configs in iOS app
  • Remap SNES via USB, Razer Raiju Mobile, Thrustmaster Dual Analog 4 and generic mode of Ipega 9023S
  • Remap Xbox One S, Series X and Elite Series 2 updated to 5.11+ firmware (without paddles on BT connection)
  • Send data of the Virtual DS4 controller to emulators via UDP protocol
  • Check Overlay in full-screen DirectX 11 games
  • View the battery percentage for DS4, DualSense, Xbox connected via BT LE and MOGA controllers
  • Assign mappings to the Activators of Shortcuts
  • Set the default Gyro initial state in Preferences and use separated commands to turn it on & off
  • Close reWASD background agent completely when you do not plan to use it
  • Check German and Italian localization of the GUI
  • Try our simplified logging procedure if you need to send a detailed report to the support team
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: GUI could not start or could not load configs in rare cases when the system loads invalid Newtonsoft.Json version from Global Assembly Cache folder instead of the local dll
  • Fixed: Xbox Series X is not detected if there are some other BT LE drivers in the system
  • Fixed: Some registry keys required to change the BT adapter for the External
  • Virtual controller are not removed after reWASD uninstallation
  • Fixed: When connecting Elite Series 2 with physical non-zero slot via USB after BT connection, the unnecessary “Slot 1 is activated” notification is shown
  • Fixed: Flick Stick with non-default Duration mapped to Steam controller’s trackpad stops when the finger is released
  • Fixed: Inverted axes of the virtual stick mapped to the directions of the wireless mouse are emulated in the direct and inverted order at the same time
  • Fixed: Fake mappings of the virtual controller are shown in Overlay and printing layout even if Hide physical controller when the virtual one is created option is unchecked
  • Fixed: Vibration settings are shown for the gamepads that do not have motors
  • Fixed: Steam controller connected via the official dongle appears in GUI after the system wake even if it is yet sleeping
  • Fixed: Configs with the same app name that differs due to capital and small letters are imported to the wrong folder
  • Fixed: The font color in Overlay notifications depends on the system colors and may not be visible enough due to our custom background color
  • Fixed: Unhandled .NET exception is shown when using reWASD on the PC with Garmin software installed
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.8.1
Released: September 9, 2021
New features
  • Apply different presets to adaptive triggers of DualSense
  • Remap Azeron Cyborg
  • Check Read-only GUI mode
  • Print Descriptions in addition to Mappings
  • Remap PowerA Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller and PDP Afterglow Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch like Switch Pro
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Random white keyboard icons appear in Combo Editor
  • Fixed: Foot pedal disappears from GUI after the initialization before GUI restart
  • Fixed: Background agent randomly crashes when the system wakes up
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.8.0
Released: August 13, 2021
New features
  • Check and Apply your configs from Android devices with reWASD Junior app
  • Adjust in-game vibration and redirect motors on the virtual controller
  • Map Flick Stick to the sticks or Steam’s trackpads
  • Remap iPega 9023s & PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth
  • Use Command line to turn Remap ON/OFF and change slots
  • Add active processes to the associated apps
  • Add up to 3 new mappings to the zones of the DS3 analog face buttons
  • Print a config to PDF or on paper
  • Adjust the Zone Shape of triggers separately
  • Switch slots for the group of Xbox Elite 1/2 and any other device with the hardware switcher
  • Check how Gyro works on the Virtual controller in Desktop Overlay
  • Remove Virtual Input Device from the system if your mappings work on behalf of the physical mouse and keyboard
  • Check the battery status of the Xbox Series X controller connected via Bluetooth LE
  • Use basic keyboard hotkeys to adjust the nodes in Combo Editor
  • Ignore the gamepad for the reWASD driver if you do not want to use it with our app
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Tray agent icon hidden in Preferences appears again after DPI is changed
  • Fixed: After changing the connection (USB/BT) of DS4 or DualSense, the previously applied config is not working on the new connection
  • Fixed: If there is any mapping on Double/Triple/Start/Release Press and the gamepad itself is remapped to the Virtual DS4, the “digital” trigger sticks once it is pressed and released
  • Fixed: If the combo that includes Relative stick deflection was applied without the active Combo feature, it deflects the stick to the opposite side
  • Fixed: Series X controller is not detected on Windows 11 Insider Preview
  • Fixed: It is not possible to choose the monitor for Desktop Overlay if there are several similar monitors detected in the system
  • Fixed: The info about locked features may appear in Desktop Overlay for the owners of the Full Pack license
  • Fixed: Some tabs in Preferences could not be opened on the small monitors with high DPI
  • Fixed: Azeron’s 11, 12 and 13 buttons could not be used as hotkeys for Slot switching and Desktop Overlay
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.7.1
Released: June 8, 2021
New features
  • Choose on behalf of which keyboard and mouse the mappings should be emulated
  • Minimize notifications, show a Table of Descriptions and check new Overlay settings
  • Switch Slots using a single button or key
  • Adjust Smoothing for the mouse mapped to gyro & Steam trackpads
  • Copy, Paste and Clear the whole Shift or Main layer
  • Open the config storage from its context menu
  • Remap PowerA Fusion for Switch as Nintendo
  • Remap FragFX Shark and Piranha as DualShock 4
  • Enable the Battery tray agent icon without the main one
  • Choose Lefty or Righty layout for Azeron
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: reWASD inverts the native behavior of the pedals from Logitech racing wheels
  • Fixed: A few buttons of the Xbox One S controller could not be unmapped or remapped via the Gamepad mapping section for the devices with the 4.8.1923 firmware version
  • Fixed: Press Time settings are not applied if the config was applied automatically via Autodetect
  • Fixed: Excess notification about the Main layer is shown in Desktop Overlay after Slot switching if a Shift was active in this Slot before
  • Fixed: reWASD could not be installed on the PC with one user whose name contains the “ă” symbol
  • Fixed: Hold until release combo that consists of Right or Left trigger set to 100% only is not shown in the table of the Virtual controller tester
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.7.0
Released: May 12, 2021
New features
  • Check reWASD notifications, test the virtual gamepad and use hotkey to show mappings during the game with our Desktop Overlay
  • Remap NVIDIA SHIELD 2015 & 2017 controllers
  • Select any nodes in a combo and copy, paste or remove them together
  • Hide the tray agent if needed without losing the functionality linked to it before
  • Use Nintendo Home LED to notify about the connected device, changed Slot or Shift, Low battery
  • Move your mouse cursor above the physical button to see the whole list of mappings
  • Feel free to use reWASD with the French localization
  • Create longer combos without any restrictions
  • Set up to 1-minute pause between Turbo presses
  • Check numerous GUI improvements
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: The agent crashes trying to apply a config with some antivirus apps installed in the system
  • Fixed: Several fast clicks on Apply button for the config with a virtual controller may create duplicate gamepads
  • Fixed: Occasionally, the Left Stick down mapping is emulated after several fast movements of the Right Stick
  • Fixed: The config that includes too many mappings may be applied with some non-working actions
  • Fixed: Unmapped gyroscope inside the Shift doesn’t cancel inherited mappings from the Main configuration
  • Fixed: Tray Agent’s menu closes after opening if the graphical tablet is connected
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.6.2
Released: February 5, 2021
New features
  • Choose the angle of axes for sticks and trackpads
  • Increase the sensitivity of the mouse mapped to the physical stick
  • Check improved Gyro transition from Nintendo controllers to Virtual DS4
  • Use the latest version with several important stability improvements
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Controllers are not detected in reWASD after the Extended Feature Support option is enabled and disabled in Big Picture
  • Fixed: reWASD service crashes if Remap is turned on and off rapidly several times with Azeron keypad
  • Fixed: DualSense LED settings are not applied automatically after enabling the previously applied config if the controller was connected wirelessly and was turned off using a command or the correspondent reWASD setting
  • Fixed: Virtual keyboard rate doesn’t influence keyboard combos and keyboard mappings set to Toggle or Turbo
  • Fixed: GUI crashes while trying to filter an empty list of additional mouse buttons
  • Fixed: The config with an unmapped mouse that doesn’t have a shift that frees it is not applied if the user has canceled the confirmation and checked Remember my choice with the similar config
  • Fixed: Combo that includes a trigger and several stick moves and is set to Turbo may lock the stick after a few iterations
  • Fixed: GUI crashes while trying to add a new adapter with MAC-address that includes "-"
  • Fixed: The list of associated apps is empty for the imported config until the GUI restart
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.6.1
Released: December 24, 2020
New features
  • Use Gyro & Accelerometer with Virtual DS4
  • Remap all controls of Azeron keypad
  • Add Combos to diagonal directions of sticks and trackpads
  • Copy/Paste all settings of the physical mouse
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Mouse Acceleration option influences the scroll speed for the scroll mapped to digital buttons
  • Fixed: Custom gamepad name is not saved if the gamepad is added to any group
  • Fixed: Boot loop may occur after getting the Bluetooth adapter ready for the External virtual gamepad
  • Fixed: Home button cannot be used for Slots switching on DS4 and DualSense
  • Fixed: Steam controller’s calibration is hidden until a user opens any other config if Mouse was chosen as a current device before Steam
  • Fixed: Random tray agent crash on waking from Hybrid Sleep
  • Fixed: Hold until release combo with analog movements mapped to Single Press leads to the stuck stick after a few presses if there are mappings on other activators
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.6.0
Released: December 8, 2020
New features
  • Use External Virtual controller to play on PS4 console, mobile and desktop devices
  • Remap Xbox Series X controller
  • Set mappings to the basiс controls of DualSense
  • Calibrate Gyro center automatically or manually
  • Record Stick moves in Combo Editor
  • Emulate partially pressed trigger in Combo Editor
  • Adjust 1-10 ms pauses for combos and Turbo mode
  • Emulate mouse moves on DS4 touchpad
  • Set mappings to tap and tap with click for DS4 touchpad
  • Map +4 actions to stick in a digital mode
  • Change the default folder for the configs and box arts
  • Use GameCube connected via Nyko adapter with reWASD
  • Check Spanish localization of reWASD GUI
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch disconnects when reWASD lights Player LED on it
  • Fixed: After reconnecting Joy-Cons switched off using Turn wireless gamepad off command, latency increases
  • Fixed: Foot pedals are not recognized by the native software after reWASD installation
  • Fixed: Mappings from the stick of the PS3 Navigation may fire when the stick is idle if the controller is connected via Bluetooth.
  • Fixed: A command mapped to the zone may work unstable if the stick, gyro, trigger or mouse were moved quickly
  • Fixed: reWASD doesn’t switch Elite Series 2 slot to the first one if the physical slot switcher was pressed a held even if it is switched to the Slot 0 physically
  • Fixed: The config applied to the group remains active after the group was re-created due to disconnected group’s participant(s)
  • Fixed: It is not possible to unmap consumer and system keys on keyboards
  • Fixed: It is impossible to save Virtual input device settings if you navigate to them from Mouse sub-config in Mouse + Keyboard groups
  • Fixed: Advanced mouse buttons are not shown for mouses with consumer buttons only
  • Fixed: Reset to default button is not working for sticks and gyro on the devices that are not chosen as current ones at the moment
  • Fixed: Shortcuts are not shown at once for imported configs
  • Fixed: reWASD GUI is opened in minimized mode if it was previously closed in minimized mode
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.5.1
Released: September 11, 2020
New features
  • Set custom mappings to the scroll wheel of a physical mouse
  • Add mappings to Full Press of triggers on Steam and GameCube
  • Enable DS4 LED when the battery is Critically low
  • Enable LED on PS3 Nav when you connect it or turn remap on
  • Switch slots using Xbox button and unique controls of Steam and GameCube
  • Go straight to the last active slot after turning remap off and on again
  • Forget about necessity to reapply a config after the game streaming service creates a new virtual gamepad
  • Paste mappings to sticks, gyro, scrolls, zones
  • Enjoy faster and smarter graphical user interface
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: reWASD prevents Moonlight from detecting the physical controllers
  • Fixed: reWASD installation leads to BSOD due to the conflict with Thrustmaster drivers
  • Fixed: Virtual DS4 controller is detected by Steam as non-unique device
  • Fixed: Virtual stick mapped to Gyro may not return to zero state if it is used together with a physical stick
  • Fixed: Virtual stick mapped to the trackpad or a physical stick moves to zero state for a moment while switching to Shift mode if it was deflected before the modificator was pressed
  • Fixed: LED settings from cloned config are not applied until tray agent is restarted
  • Fixed: Mappings set to Stick stop for a short moment while moving stick diagonally and switching between zones
  • Fixed: Hook controller buttons option is not applied until GUI restart
  • Fixed: Blacklisted device appears in GUI again if it was plugged to another port
  • Fixed: Each press on the arrow or each mouse scroll changes the values on the sliders of the settings from Virtual devices from minimum to maximum
  • Fixed: Virtual stick mapped to the Long Press stays deflected after a few presses and releases
  • Fixed: It is impossible to set the Max trigger zone value manually
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.5.0
Released: August 14, 2020
New features
  • Remap Steam and GameCube controllers
  • Add custom bindings to Xbox One Chatpad
  • Adjust LEDs on DS4, Steam, Razer keyboards and mice
  • Use Player LEDs on DS3 and Nintendo controllers to check an active Slot
  • Check the improved Gyro that detects the smallest movements
  • Remap DS3 and PS3 Navigation connected via Bluetooth
  • Set manual values for each point on the Response curve and each slider
  • Emulate Virtual Xbox One and do not lose trigger vibration if the physical controller supports it
  • Set separate Zone mappings for each direction of a stick or gyro
  • Switch the GUI to Chinese (Traditional or Simplified) or Russian languages
  • Adjust unique Vertical and Horizontal axes ranges for Sticks inside Shifts
  • Detect when the controller’s battery is charging and when it is just connected wired
  • Emulate <> key from AZERTY keyboards
  • Remap Logitech G13 gameboard and other Logitech devices that require virtual keyboard and mouse
  • Choose whether you need a pre-defined hotkey that stops all active combos
  • Choose whether you want to send a buzz to the gamepad when it’s set as a current one
  • Find all numerous GUI improvements here and there ;)
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Touchpad taps on Virtual DS4 are not detected by PSNow games ported from PS2
  • Fixed: Associated app may not trigger an automated Apply again if an app was minimized with Win keyboard key
  • Fixed: Virtual controller won’t be removed from the system after turning Remap OFF if the tray agent is closed
  • Fixed: Virtual and physical deadzones of a stick are summed up when switching to the virtual one
  • Fixed: The older version of reWASD could be installed over the newer one but fails on the first start
  • Fixed: reWASD asks for reboots after the installation over and over in some unique cases
  • Fixed: reWASD requires reinstall after each major Windows update because of issues with Virtual Input Device used for emulation of keyboard and mouse mappings
  • Fixed: Eliminate stick deflection node in Combo Editor brings the deflection back to zero only after all the iterations of a combo are finished but doesn’t do it after each iteration
  • Fixed: Eliminate stick deflection node in Combo Editor doesn’t bring the stick back to zero if a sum of the deflections in a combo exceeds 100%
  • Fixed: Combo with relative stick deflections set to a Turbo may get stuck after continuous fast presses on the button that activates it
  • Fixed: Mouse mapped to stick moves slower if the stick makes a diagonal movement in comparison with a direct movement
  • Fixed: Mouse mapped to stick with a big deadzone doesn’t move diagonally
  • Fixed: Xbox Elite 1 & 2 doesn’t switch off if Turn wireless gamepad off command was launched after any controller’s button had been pressed
  • Fixed: reWASD sends messages about finished trial on each system restart
  • Fixed: It is impossible to share a config that includes a Rumble only to the Community
  • Fixed: Incorrect Elliptic Zone shape appears in the configs with non-default zone shape created in reWASD 1.4.1-2.2.0
  • Fixed: Trigger Motors are not working if they are mapped to a Shortcut
  • Fixed: Toggled Shift may stuck in the wrong state after Slot switching
  • Fixed: It is not possible to enter a negative value for the stick deflection in Combo Editor manually
  • Fixed: Config that relates to the game with associated apps are cloned with all those apps to the new game and won’t be used for Autodetect for the original game
  • Fixed: The highest deadzone set for a trigger doesn’t influence a virtual trigger
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.4.0
Released: May 8, 2020
New features
  • Emulate touchpad Taps and Swipes on any device
  • Adjust advanced Rumble settings
  • Set mappings to fast mouse moves
  • Record combos while you are in a game
  • Remap Logitech F310, F510 and F710 controllers
  • Do not lose a physical DS4 touchpad while playing with a virtual controller
  • Enjoy enhanced emulation of a virtual scroll and virtual mouse
  • Mute the native behavior of L-Alt, L-Ctrl and Tab
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: To detect Virtual Xbox 360 controller, some games require reboot.
  • Fixed: Xbox Elite 2 connected via Bluetooth switches to reWASD Slot 1 after a few seconds of inactivity and stays there while nothing is pressed when the physical switcher is set to Slot 1-3.
  • Fixed: Several media keys on a physical keyboard could not be unmapped.
  • Fixed: Not all keys are released in “Hold until release” Combo that is activated in a Shift mode but is released while being in a Main configuration.
  • Fixed: Sticks of Nintendo controllers freeze when a game sends vibration to the controller.
  • Fixed: Zone shape for sticks and gyro changed in one sub-config affects all other ones.
  • Fixed: Some mappings for sticks and mouse changed in one sub-config affect all other ones.
  • Fixed: Agent crashes when some processes of IrfanView are in focus.
  • Fixed: Suggestion to add Unmap to the mouse button or keyboard key appears in several explicit cases.
  • Fixed: Unmap is not shown for the physical Xbox controller’s Home button.
  • Fixed: reWASD doesn’t hook controller buttons after config importing until you change a current device.
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.3.0
Released: March 12, 2020
New features
  • Map Gyro to mouse, keyboard or virtual gamepad controls
  • Use various Commands in addition to mappings
  • Try reWASD magic on Google Stadia controller
  • Choose the theme for the devices in the main window
  • Let reWASD turn wireless gamepad off if it is not active
  • Use Detection mode to recognize a certain device if it is not clear what it is
  • Add Gamepad mappings for Nintendo Capture/Home, DualShock PS/TouchPad click
  • Get analog input while swapping virtual triggers and sticks
  • Adjust the press time for the hotkeys used for slot switching
  • Check various optimizations while importing, adjusting and applying configs
  • Enjoy the new design of the tray agent icon
  • Use Xbox button in Shortcuts
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: If a virtual controller is applied to any slot, it works for all (even empty) slots
  • Fixed: If both Xbox 360 and DS4 virtual controllers are applied to different slots of a single device or a group, only the last one is active for all slots
  • Fixed: It is impossible to map a combo that starts from a pause to the Shortcut
  • Fixed: In Keyboard subconfig, a key is not hooked in the list of keys a user may remap until this list is manually focused
  • Fixed: If a peripheral device was not initialized properly, after correct re-initialization, it is not possible to apply a config to the group of devices including this one before the agent restart
  • Fixed: Custom Mouse sensitivity slider is not shown if the mapped mouse is inverted
  • Fixed: Battery icon updates its status only on Apply or when the new device is connected/disconnected but doesn’t update when reWASD is idle
  • Fixed: Slot 1 is shown in the main window during a few seconds if a config is applied to Slot 2-4 via Autodetect
  • Fixed: If there is a hotkey that includes two buttons only and those buttons are used in another hotkey too, it is impossible to switch to the slot with this 3-button hotkey
  • Fixed: Temporary “Not responding” status for the update screen if a user clicks on the screen while the new version is downloading
  • Fixed: Default config replaces the custom one with the same name during the update
  • Fixed: The recommendation to unmap a keyboard/mouse buttons appears even if it is already unmapped
  • Fixed: It is impossible to switch remap off for DS4 controller connected via Bluetooth if it is also connected via USB without being previously unpaired
  • Fixed: Scroll movement works with a delay and only if the button is pressed and held for about 100 ms
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.2.2
Released: December 24, 2019
New features
  • Add Rumble, Combo, Turbo and Toggle to the zones of sticks and triggers
  • Filter reWASD mapping list to show the items you need in this config
  • Copy, paste and clear mappings using context menu
  • Apply configs even faster after significant internal optimization
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Fake tray agent battery icon appears after changing the DPI
  • Fixed: Mapping added to Toggled Shift modifier doesn’t reproduce when the shift is untoggled
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.2.1
Released: November 27, 2019
New features
  • Use the physical button on Xbox Elite 2 to switch Slots in reWASD
  • Emulate F13-F24 keys or assign your actions on the physical ones
  • Distinguish the connection type for the controllers by an icon
  • Set if you want to Wake the system on combo actions if Sleep mode was activated during a pause inside this combo
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Mapping are not working on Xbox Elite 2 after the update if the controller was used as Xbox One in the previous version until *.binv2 files are removed
  • Fixed: Paddles could not be unmapped on Xbox Elite 2 if it is connected via Bluetooth and has out-dated firmware
  • Fixed: Mappings assigned to Mouse directions overwrite any mappings for Shortcuts in this config
  • Fixed: reWASD mappings assigned to Stick Click on Joy-Cons are not applied
  • Fixed: reWASD service wakes the system from Sleep if remap is on
  • Fixed: reWASD driver is not updated properly in some cases
  • Fixed: Unchecked status of several options that are available during manual installation is not saved
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.2.0
Released: November 15, 2019
New features
  • Turn your physical mouse to a virtual stick
  • Add mappings to Xbox Elite Series 2 paddles
  • Switch to the virtual controller in two clicks
  • Pick Relative stick deflections in Combos
  • Adjust the X and Y mouse sensitivity for sticks
  • Create a two-button hotkey to switch slots
  • Add mouse moves to Stick zones
  • Remove all pauses from combo sequence in one click
  • Lock paddles by pressing double-tap on Connect button of Xbox Elite 1
  • Switch to the latest device you worked with after reWASD restart automatically
  • Clone configs to another game
  • Unmap Left Shift on the Keyboard
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Shortcuts are not working for additional gaming mouse buttons
  • Fixed: Combos created for Keyboard on a single key in Main and Shift are linked
  • Fixed: The “paddles” for DualShock 4 and Joy-Con are remapped to gamepad mappings while Advanced mapping feature is not activated without the possibility to switch this behavior off
  • Fixed: Physical Sticks are working while the gamepad is hidden and remapped to the virtual one
  • Fixed: reWASD + additional apps that manage rumble on Nintendo Switch Pro controller cause BSOD when interface switches to this controller
  • Fixed: Combo with a single stick deflection that is less than |100%| is saved as an ordinary mapping
  • Fixed: Associated apps are not shown for keyboard & mouse sub-configs if gamepad sub-config is empty
  • Fixed: After app uninstallation, reWASD Launcher icon is not removed from Startup links if reWASD was installed to the custom folder
  • Fixed: Virtual Left Stick mapped to Left Stick is inherited to Shift even it is remapped to Virtual Right Stick inside this Shift
  • Fixed: Feature prices are not shown for Combo, Four Slots and Rapid Fire for Korean users
  • Fixed: Virtual devices created for Logitech gaming mouse are shown in reWASD
  • Fixed: Analog control mapped to analog trigger for the first gamepad in a group of two or more gamepads uses the highest pressed position instead of the actual one
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.1.0
Released: August 7, 2019
New features
  • Use Virtual DS4 controller for Remote Play
  • Keep an eye on gamepad battery in the system tray
  • Map sticks to stick directions of a virtual controller
  • Learn more about reWASD in detailed help guide
  • Record the smallest pause in Combo Editor
  • Look at mappings that change their size together with the main window
  • Enjoy faster, optimized and less resourceful app
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Deleted config is applied with an error once an associated app is autodetected if there are other configs inside this game profile
  • Fixed: After GUI restart, Slot 1 is chosen for keyboard always even if it is empty and there are other non-empty slots
  • Fixed: Virtual input device settings (mouse adjustments and keyboard repeat rate) are not applied for mappings in Shortcuts
  • Fixed: Axes range settings are not applied
  • Fixed: Mapping added to Shift modifier works for the last device of its type only in the group of a few such devices
  • Fixed: Several keyboard buttons are emulated twice if they are used in Shortcuts
  • Fixed: reWASD service crashes when SCUF DS4 is connected
  • Fixed: If DS4 is connected wireless and via cable at the same time, two controllers are shown in reWASD after app restart
  • Fixed: In Shortcuts, button filter is empty for physical mouse
  • Fixed: Minimal app width depends on screen size and can’t be minimized for Ultra Wide monitors
  • Fixed: Shift modifier icon is not shown for mouse button
  • Fixed: A sigle one button may be chosen as a modifier in several shifts
  • Fixed: A part of Advanced stick settings are hidden while switching between shifts
  • Fixed: New sub-config doesn’t inherit custom virtual input device settings
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 5.0.0
Released: July 18, 2019
New features
  • Use reWASD powers for Keyboard and Mouse
  • Group up to 4 devices to remap them together
  • Record combos from physical controllers
  • Enable devoted LED colors for Shift modes on DualShock 4
  • Add up to 24-day-long pause to your combo sequences
  • Set up to 9999 iterations for Execute at once combos
  • Change the virtual keyboard emulation settings
  • Hide unused devices from reWASD
  • Set the null trigger deadzone
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Mouse sensitivity value influences the scroll emulation
  • Fixed: Gamepad mapping is not working on DualShock 4 touchpad zones
  • Fixed: Keyboard mappings from separate buttons work together with shortcut keyboard mappings if a virtual controller is created
  • Fixed: Inherited unmaps for Stick directions can’t be cancelled in Shift
  • Fixed: Memory leak in GUI or agent while quickly switching between associated apps
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Alt+Delete emergency shortcut doesn’t stop rumble on some gamepads
  • Fixed: Crash on renaming a game which config is autodetected
  • Fixed: Hint about Slot hotkeys is shown when hotkeys are turned off
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 4.1.1
Released: April 11, 2019
New features
  • Tune and remap PS3 Navigation controller
  • Use reWASD in Windows 10 version 1903
  • Remap virtual Xbox controller emulated by ViGEm driver
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Shift mode is not supported for the pair of grouped Joy-Cons
  • Fixed: Mouse mapped to analog or digital controls “stutters” slightly while moving
  • Fixed: Mapping from button used in Shortcut is not detected in games if the button is pressed less than Shortcut press time
  • Fixed: While the shortcut is pressed, all keyboard and mouse mappings from the shortcut buttons execute if Virtual Xbox 360 controller is on and the physical one is hidden
  • Fixed: Rumble is not working for the button with mappings on Single, Long and Release presses
  • Fixed: The combination of max and min stick axis ranges works vice versa
  • Fixed: Diagonal stick movements are limited for Virtual Xbox 360 sticks with custom stick response
  • Fixed: Controls of the Virtual Xbox 360 created for DS3 report random presses and clicks
  • Fixed: reWASD freezes while trying to create Virtual Xbox 360 controller for DS3 with PS Now installed in the system
  • Fixed: reWASD freezes while trying to create Virtual Xbox 360 controller in Windows 7 with outdated Xbox drivers
  • Fixed: Configs with breaks shared to Community could not be imported again
  • Fixed: 100KB+ configs could not be shared to Community
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 4.1.0
Released: March 15, 2019
New features
  • Hide your physical controller from the system while you use the virtual one
  • Remap Joy-Con controllers separately or in pair
  • Adjust the stick response curve for Virtual Xbox 360
  • Map Stick moves to digital buttons or add them to combos
  • Set different hotkeys for each slot on each controller
  • Remap PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch
  • Send a buzz to your controller to locate it
  • Choose the right controller from the first sight: new diverse icons for different controllers
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: If Single, Long and Release presses are added, Single press mapping doesn’t work
  • Fixed: If Single, Long, Double and Triple presses are mapped to combo while Start and Release presses have mappings, combos from Single and Double presses do not work
  • Fixed: If Long and Release presses are added, Long is activated after Release even if the press time was less than long time press
  • Fixed: If Stick is unmapped in Shift, unmap doesn’t work immediately after entering the Shift mode if it was in the working zone when the Shift modifier was pressed
  • Fixed: Nintendo Switch Pro connected via cable is not detected after OS restart
  • Fixed: DualShock 4 (first revision) connected via Bluetooth causes the closing of Windows menu and settings
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 4.0.2
Released: January 30, 2019
New features
  • Do not lose your Xbox Elite connected wirelessly while using Virtual Xbox 360 for reWASD
  • Upgrade for more fixes and improvements
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Enable autoremap on startup option doesn’t work for specific physical and virtual machines
  • Fixed: Mouse mappings set to Stick do not work inside the Toggle Shift
  • Fixed: Zero Delay between keys is lost after GUI restart
  • Fixed: reWASD rumble used for DS4 and in-game rumble have conflicts
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 4.0.1
Released: January 10, 2019
New features
  • Important GUI and stability fixes
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: After Windows 1809 update, Virtual Input Device isn’t recognized properly in some cases and reWASD mappings stop working
  • Fixed: Virtual Xbox 360 stays in the system after physical controller disconnects
  • Fixed: If a config with Shortcuts is chosen for Autodetect, reWASD app doesn’t start.
  • Fixed: If Segoe UI font is not present in the system, reWASD app doesn’t start.
  • Fixed: After reWASD app was started with Administrator rights, closed and started with User rights, it doesn’t detect connected controller properly
  • Fixed: If several controllers are connected, Turn Remap On from tray agent works for the current one only
  • Fixed: reWASD mapping used with Rumble on the same button is not inherited to Shift configuration in several cases
  • Fixed: After several iterations with Shift mode in and out, reWASD mapping sticks
  • Fixed: If scroll appears in the list of applications, wrong app is chosen on click
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 4.0.0
Released: December 21, 2018
New features
  • Assign reWASD mappings to Shortcuts of controller buttons
  • Create Gamepad Combo, Turbo & Toggle
  • Remap Nintendo Switch Pro controller
  • Map buttons to Print Screen, Pause, Break
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: It's not possible to map any button to L2 and R2 for DS4
  • Fixed: Keyboard & mouse mappings do not work when UAC confirmation is on
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Alt+Del combo doesn’t launch Windows 10 Login screen
  • Fixed: Mouse set to Stick with maximized Vertical and Horizontal axis ranges still works too smoothly
  • Fixed: reWASD Rumble is not working in games that have native haptic feedback
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 3.2.0
Released: October 11, 2018
New features
  • Swap all stick settings in one click
  • Set custom combinations to switch slots
  • Map DS4 touchpad click to keyboard or mouse
  • Add combos to stick directions
  • Clone configs for the selected game
  • Delete applied config on exit from the associated app
  • Define whether you need to hook controller buttons inside the app
  • Open the folder with configs from Preferences
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Autodetect works only after you leave the selected app if you were switched to the empty slot before
  • Fixed: It is impossible to switch to the manually applied config after successful autodetect in some cases
  • Fixed: Unnecessary default hardware mappings are shown for the paddles if they are used as Shift modifiers
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 3.1.0
Released: July 26, 2018
New features
  • Add up to 6 controller activators to each digital button
  • Activate the Shift mode by a single tap
  • Enjoy the enhanced look and feel
  • Install reWASD faster and safer
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Some specific keys are not emulated correctly in several games
  • Fixed: Mouse settings affect scroll speed
  • Fixed: Stick response curve is disabled for unmapped stick with mouse mapped
  • Fixed: Minor GUI issues
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 3.0.1
Released: May 18, 2018
New features
  • Check performance and usability enhancements
  • Hide locked features if you are not going to use them
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Turbo doesn’t work for mouse clicks added as mappings
  • Fixed: Shift is not applied until the GUI restart if there is an empty Shift before it
  • Fixed: Autodetect is not working before the agent restart
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 3.0.0
Released: May 10, 2018
New features
  • Switch configs for associated apps automatically
  • Map macros to controller buttons with “Combo” feature
  • Create Turbo and Toggle buttons with “Rapid Fire” feature
  • Map up to 4 keys to Dualshock 4 touchpad
  • Set mouse sensitivity and stick response for Mouse mapped to Stick
  • Adjust Stick response & Gamepad mapping for each Shift separately with “Advanced mapping” feature
  • Minimize the active zone for Triggers
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Minor bugs
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 2.2.0
Released: December 21, 2017
New features
  • Turn controller Rumble ON for any digital button
  • Adjust Stick Zone shapes and the range where mappings work exclusively
  • Customize the Stick Response curve with Advanced Mapping feature
  • Enable gamepad mapping for Xbox One controller with the basic reWASD license
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: reWASD mapping blocks PS4 touchpad native behavior
  • Fixed: Scroll Lock can’t be mapped to any controller button
  • Fixed: Certain mappings stop working for the config with Shift modifiers mapped to bumpers after you switch between slots via hotkeys
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 2.1.0
Released: November 2, 2017
New features
  • Remap multiple controllers at the same time
  • Check graphics optimizations
  • Activate Slots from the main window
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Issues with Combo inheritance in the Shift mode
  • Fixed: Minor GUI bugs
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 2.0.1
Released: October 10, 2017
New features
  • Try re-worked user interface and brand-new advanced features
  • Map DualShock 3 & 4 to keyboard and mouse
  • Use polished and upgraded gamepad mapper
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: The list of mappings on D-Pad and Sticks is sorted different from the Community
  • Fixed: Features are locked after license activation till the UI restart
  • Fixed: Purchase link leads to the cart without Lifetime updates
  • Fixed: BSOD while using reWASD and having a particular unsupported controller connected
  • Fixed: "Remap is OFF" button when it is disabled has the misleading tool tip.
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 2.0.0
Released: October 5, 2017
New features
  • Try re-worked user interface and brand-new advanced features
  • Map DualShock 3 & 4 to keyboard and mouse
  • Use tray agent to enable remaps automatically
  • Adjust the trigger working zone
  • Remap “Home” button to keyboard and mouse
  • Add custom descriptions for each mapping
  • Unmap stick axes (as a part of “Advanced Mapping”)
  • Adjust stick and trigger deadzone for native controller behavior (as a part of “Advanced Mapping”)
  • Assign up to 4 keyboard keys, mouse moves or clicks to one control (as a part of “Combo”)
  • Apply up to 4 configs simultaneously (as a part of “4 Slots”)
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Minor bugs
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 1.4.1
Released: June 7, 2017
New features
  • Map mouse moves and scrolls to digital controller buttons
  • Remap Xbox One S connected via Bluetooth
  • Manage configs uploaded to Community
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Minor bugs
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 1.4.0
Released: April 13, 2017
New features
  • Remap Xbox controller on Windows 7, 8, 8.1
  • Use x4 mappings with Shift mode
  • Share and download configs from Community
  • Invert X axis for Xbox Elite sticks
  • Map View & Menu to Xbox Elite gamepad controls
  • Check the mappings from current active configs on start page
  • Get access to both current active configs for Xbox Elite
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Gamepad mapping for Xbox Elite triggers issues
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 1.3.0
Released: February 28, 2017
New features
  • Map Xbox Elite buttons to buttons
  • Remap Xbox 360 controller to keyboard and mouse
  • Set a custom deadzone for both sticks
  • Adjust the stick response and invert Y axis on Xbox Elite sticks
  • Work with native reWASD format of configs
  • Change the mouse acceleration while assigning its moves to analogue controls
  • Restore default hardware mapping for Xbox Elite
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Mapping is not shown while binding D-pad, sticks, paddles
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 1.2.0
Released: December 20, 2016
New features
  • Emulate mouse clicks, moves and scroll
  • Unmap each D-Pad direction and Paddle separately
  • Choose from two Elite controller slots to apply your config
  • Press a key to map to instead of choosing it from the list
  • Сheck out the dedicated Xbox One controller interface
  • Enjoy lots of minor app improvements
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Not all mappings made in Xbox Accessories app are fully restored after turning the remap in reWASD off
New features
Fixed issues
reWASD 1.1.0
Released: November 25, 2016
New features
  • Import new configs and share yours to reWASD community
  • Check minor UI improvements
Fixed issues
  • Fixed: Minor bugs
New features
reWASD 1.0.0
Released: November 18, 2016
New features
  • Initial release