Switch configs for controller on PC automatically

Less preparation, more gaming. Select up to 4 configs you want to be applied automatically for each game you play and switch to them once the game is opened. With brand-new Autodetect functionality, your Xbox or PS4 controller on PC is always ready for the battle!

Do not forget to associate the game in reWASD with the application and choose which config should be applied. The one — for desktop & browsers — awaits you in the new version. Hope you’ll find it useful :)

Switch configs for <strong>controller on PC</strong> automatically

Start using the macro controller on PC

Big-big day for reWASD team and reWASD community. The most requested feature since the first release is finally out. Meet updated Combo with extreme functionality. Create any combination you can imagine with keys, rumbles, mouse clicks, pauses and breaks. Adjust every tap, loop your combo, use the unique combo modes and much more!

Learn more about the unlimited power reWASD brings to Xbox & PS4 controllers on PC and try it in action during the 3-day trial period.

Start using the <strong>macro controller on PC</strong>

Meet Rapid Fire feature

Add more fire to each button press and forget about boring repetitive taps in shooters and racing games. With brand-new Rapid Fire feature, you can get much more from Xbox or PS4 controller on PC by turning any digital button to Turbo or Toggle.

Toggle emulates the pressed key. You tap the controller button once — and the mapping starts firing just like you are still holding the button. You tap the second time — the mapping stops. Turbo imitates the repetitive key presses while you hold the controller button. Both options have the 3-day trial period. Do not hesitate to check them out.

Meet Rapid Fire feature

Get the new level of PS4 controller customization

With reWASD, using Xbox or PS4 controller on PC becomes even handier than using it on the console. reWASD gives you the power to adjust everything, and new things appear with each release. This time we prepared an amazing surprise for PS4 controller users. Now you can add up to four unique mappings to DualShock 4 touchpad and get four additional buttons in any game. Ever dreamed about paddles for the PS4 gamepad? Here they are ;)

Also, we’ve upgraded the Shift mode and stick customization. Now you can adjust the stick response and gamepad mappings inside Shifts with Advanced Mapping feature, and you can set mouse sensitivity and stick response for mouse mapped to stick.

It’s time to get more using Xbox or PS4 controller on PC with the truly cool new reWASD version :)

Get the new level of PS4 controller customization