Why to use reWASD as joystick mapper

When playing games with Xbox, Nintendo or DualShock controller on PC, you know plenty of apps to provide joystick support, customize the existing layout or to tune hardware settings (Xbox Accessories app, Joy2key, Xpadder, AntiMicro, etc.). Unfortunately, most of them are useless if you try to get all those keyboard advantages with controller and one app. Do you agree it would be awesome to use a joystick mapper that sums all the existing remapping features? We've got one!

reWASD is a joystick remapper that supports every official version of Xbox Controller (360, One, Elite), Dualshock 3, Dualshock 4 and Nintendo Switch Pro. Here are 6 reasons to prove, there’s no better app to customize controller than reWASD!

1. Play any PC game no matter what it tells you about controller support

Lots of games simply don’t have controller support. However, that’s not a problem if you use reWASD as joystick to keyboard mapper. reWASD can assign the keyboard and mouse clicks to the preferable controller buttons. So when you press a controller button, joystick mapper reproduces the keyboard key press. Plus, any button mappings are available, so you can map everything to anything!

2. Customize default game layout by changing particular controls

Native controller support sounds exciting, but what if a default game layout makes you feel awkward? You can change the particular controls you’re struggling with and make a perfect joystick mapper preset in a few steps. reWASD will help you switch the buttons and rearrange the layout the way you need. It also allows adjusting stick response, inverting Y or X axis and changing the deadzones.

3. Revive Elite paddles with reWASD joystick mapper

PC games don’t recognize Elite paddles. You can activate paddles using Xbox Accessories app to duplicate the button mappings only. reWASD is the one to go further and assign any keyboard, mouse or controller keys to paddles. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to map Elite paddles with reWASD.

4. Map joystick to keyboard x4 times more with Shift mode

PC gameplay involves many buttons. For example, Elite Dangerous has one set of controls for flying, one for combat, and one more for mining mode. How to assign them all to a single gamepad? That’s another cool trick reWASD has — Shift mode.

You pick one button (shift modifier) and while you press it, your bindings change to another set. 4 different sets are available in reWASD. So you can add x4 more key bindings to your controller, thus, make it possible to play a game with multiple mechanics by using one device. That’s a feature a truly contemporary joystick mapper must have!

5. Use perks of Sticks and Trigger zones

Setting keyboard keys to controller is not enough, because it feels like playing on a mini-keyboard. You press two buttons to run or crouch and use two different controller keys to aim and shoot, and... it’s bad to lose the spare keys. A universal joystick mapper is a great tool not only to change the bindings, but also to reorganize the controls structure while playing FPS games on PC with Xbox One controller.

That’s where stick and trigger zones customization comes! reWASD joystick remapper differentiates three zones of analog controls: low, medium and high, and you can map additional buttons to them. Thus, when the stick or trigger is pressed to one of these zones, the key assigned to a zone reproduces together with the main stick or trigger mapping. The good example is common WASD on a stick and Shift button on the high zone. So when you press your stick to the endpoint, your character runs.

Another awesome feature that comes with reWASD 2.0 — key combos. You can map a combination of up to 4 keyboard keys to one controller button, and once you press it — you get the combo.

6. Choose game config from joystick presets collection

Looking for a perfect joystick mapper preset? Join reWASD community to share and download hundreds of game configs. Feeling proud about the preset you created? Show it to the world! Don’t hesitate to upload your configs, someone will be grateful for your labor :)

If one of these reasons is what you’re struggling with — try personalizing the layout with our keyboard to joystick mapper to make your gameplay the best possible:

  1. Download and install reWASD.
  2. Plug in your controller. Launch reWASD.
  3. Create a game profile and config.

Now you can map joystick to keyboard. Enjoy!