Advanced controller mapping

When it comes to controller mapping software, rich functionality is highly valuable. That’s why reWASD includes PRO features for those who want to get more from Nintendo, DualShock & Xbox One controller buttons. If you mapped your joystick to keyboard and mouse, now it’s time to try something special.

reWASD license allows you to:

  • Map joystick to keyboard keys
  • Use controller as mouse
  • Adjust deadzone for sticks and triggers
  • Add mappings to 3 stick and trigger zones
  • Remap controller to keyboard x4 with Shift mode
  • Use Xbox Elite paddles as independent controls
  • Remap “Home” button on any controller
  • Add mappings to Shortcut of gamepad buttons
  • Assign different actions to Double, Long and more presses

reWASD + Combo

Map key sequence to controller

Both in games and apps, we often use key combinations and shortcuts. reWASD allows transferring them to your controller. With “Combo” feature, you can map Xbox controller button to several keys and activate the whole sequence of actions with one press.

Almost everything is under your control in our brand-new Key Combo Editor. You can adjust the hold duration and add pauses between taps, include Rumble to the combo and map long, smart and powerful key sequence to controller button in just a few clicks. Moreover, you can add “Break” to assign several combos to one control; set how many times the combo executes or create a super special “Hold until release” sequence that holds several keys or clicks while you press one controller button.

Learn more about how to map macros to controller and do not hesitate to share your combos to our Community :)

Advanced mapping

reWASD + Advanced mapping

Magnify the joystick mapping power

reWASD is a key mapping software that emulates keyboard and mouse while you press controller buttons. “Advanced mapping” feature adds hardware controller tuning. What does it mean? Lots of awesome things!

First, you can swap DualShock, Nintendo or Xbox One controller buttons if you don’t like the way they work by default. Second, you can switch some button off if you’ve added reWASD mapping to it and don’t need the native controller behavior. When you are done with controller mapping, you should obviously try our Stick tuning: Invert X and Y axis, set deadzone, adjust response. Hardware dead zones are available for Triggers (L2, R2) too. And much more crazy things are coming to our joystick mapping software in the next releases.

Note that hardware mappings do not affect your gamepad, so all of them will work on PC with reWASD installed only.

Four slots

reWASD + 4 Slots

Use 4 controller mapping presets at once

True gamers choose diversity and never stop on one game. That is why there are so many cases when you may need controller mapping software. And it’s a good idea to keep all your favorite crafted configs at hand. With “4 Slots”, you can apply four presets at once and switch them by pressing RB + LB + diamond button. Whenever you change a game, your controller is ready-to-use.

Even a single game wins with more than one joystick mapping preset. For example, you can create different configs for melee combat and vehicle driving for a shooter; or use the first config with re-adjusted Xbox One controller buttons and the second one to map all buttons of the controller to keyboard combos. With Shift mode and “4 Slots”, there’s almost unlimited number of controller mappings you can use simultaneously!

Rapid Fire

reWASD + Rapid Fire

Add Rapid Fire to your controller

Tired of doing boring repetitive taps in shooters? Well, this is how games work… without reWASD. We are going to turn your ordinary joystick to the Rapid Fire controller that shoots as fast as lightning with just a little help of your fingers.

Rapid Fire includes two features: Turbo and Toggle. While you hold controller button, Turbo fires the mapped key or sequence repetitively with the adjustable pause between shots. Toggle works instead of you. It imitates the pressed key on the first tap on the controller button and releases the key on the second tap.

Full Pack

reWASD + Combo + Advanced mapping + 4 Slots + Rapid Fire

Get the most out of key mapping software

reWASD licensing system is flexible. You can always choose what you need from joystick mapping software, and you don’t need to pay for the features you are not going to use. You can buy reWASD license to map controller to keyboard; then try and choose the best ones from mentioned above features or… You can maximize the reWASD power with an awesome discount!

Get all four features for advanced controller mapping and save a lot. The offer is valid for both newcomers and the ones who have a license.