Meet a bunch of improvements in reWASD 6.7.1.

Clear Instructions for <b>.NET Core Installation</b>

Clear Instructions for .NET Core Installation

In reWASD 6.7.1, we've addressed user feedback regarding issues with downloading an essential component for reWASD version 6.7 and higher installation. Now, users receive step-by-step instructions and direct download links to install .NET Core manually if the automatic download fails. This enhancement streamlines the reWASD installation process, ensuring a seamless setup experience for all users.
Rule <b>Apple MagicTrackpad 2</b> Driver Support

Rule Apple MagicTrackpad 2 Driver Support

We've added the option for Apple MagicTrackpad 2 driver support in preferences. This empowers users to seamlessly configure and optimize the performance of their Apple MagicTrackpad 2 within reWASD. Additionally, for those who rely on other drivers alongside their MagicTrackpad 2, we've included the ability to disable it in the driver settings, offering greater flexibility.

The support team contact form has been upgraded to include a new field for the request category, making it easier for us to help you with your issue. Also, we've fixed some bugs in this area to enhance your support experience.
<b>Stability and Performance</b> Enhancements

Stability and Performance Enhancements

This bunch of updates addresses some issues, including problems with the starting wizard on the Cucumber RS ESP32-S2 board. A crash during external device setup for ARM users with GIMX/ESP32/ESP32-S2 was fixed as well. We've also fixed an Azeron Cyro mouse detection issue and a bug preventing games from initializing External DS4 controllers created using GIMX or ESP32-S2 without an authorized gamepad. Additionally, we've resolved a crash scenario involving keyboard and mouse use with enabled LEDs, as well as a rare bug during Steam Deck/Steam controller initialization. These improvements ensure a smoother experience for all reWASD users.