First and only gamepad mapper that works with Xbox Elite paddles and allows you to remap Xbox 360, One & Elite controllers to keyboard and mouse.

Choose how to remap Xbox One controller

Choose how to remap Xbox One controller

Feel the power. Remap Xbox controller from button to trigger, from pad to paddles, from gamepad to keyboard just like you want it to be.

reWASD gives you full control of your Xbox Elite and Xbox One controllers. Combining various settings, you can assign several gamepad buttons to keyboard, mouse moves to stick directions and mouse clicks to left or right trigger. Have more ideas about how to remap Xbox One controller? Turn them into your perfect profile!

Does exactly what it says it will. Works perfectly, easy to understand UI, includes instructions immediately where you need them.
Steven Hodges
Absolutely amazing. Intuitive, clean, powerful, and I've finally unlocked the potential of my Xbox One Elite controller!
Sean Tebor
Just what we needed. Cheers guys. Thank you for a great product
Martin Narnie Mellor
Perfection. Now go get a job at Microsoft, PLEASE.
Kirk Robinson
Whoa this software is truly a gift from above. Too bad i didn't discover it earlier. Spent countless of hours trying to solve something that your program did in no time. Looks very nice as well!
Kalles Kaviar
This is what the Xbox Accessories app should be. Microsoft should hire these guys.
Sam Charlize
Paddles are not useless anymore, thank you!
Maxim Volko
Hey guys. So you just saved Gamestop $150 refund now I can map my elite paddles for Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen!
You can remap whatever button you want or let them as usual controller input!
Damián J. Méndez
Bought an Xbox 360 Elite controller thinking that I'd get some extra buttons in the form of the paddles (to play Elite Dangerous) and was extremely disappointed that they paddles were not independent buttons. Rewasd allowed me to map keys to the paddles flawlessly, thanks!
Hai Tran
DAEMON Tools has been my favorite image mounter for many years. reWASD is another great app. Looking forward to seeing what other features get added.
Vince Serfillippi

Unleash the power of Xbox Elite paddles

Don’t have enough freedom with native Xbox Accessories app while using Xbox Elite on PC? Here is when you should remap Xbox controller with reWASD. Our gamepad mapper interchanges not only the keys and buttons, but also can map Xbox Elite paddles to keyboard.

Four Xbox Elite paddles give you more control while playing. With reWASD, you can assign any action to them and get the pros of Elite controller even in the games without the native Xbox support.

Try the gamepad mapper that makes your controller truly Elite

Try the gamepad mapper
that makes your controller truly Elite

reWASD is tailor-made to remap Xbox One controllers. We created an app with Xbox Elite Wireless in mind, so it suits best for those who use Xbox Elite on PC. And it’s just a beginning — more freedom, devices and features for gamers are coming soon.

We are working on DualShock 4 support right now. You will be able to assign any DualShock 4 button to keyboard and mouse soon in our gamepad mapper. Stay tuned!

Map gamepad to keyboard and share your configs

With game profiles, reWASD brings a new dimension to customization. If it's the first time you remap Xbox One controller and assign Xbox Elite paddles, you may check the preset profiles added to our gamepad remapper or find some useful tips how to start mapping Xbox controller on reWASD blog.

And here comes reWASD community with more custom configs for popular games. Get some ideas about how to map Xbox controller to keyboard and share your own!

Truly powerful gamepad mapper

Why to use

  • Map controller to keyboard or mouse
  • Use Xbox Elite paddles in any game
  • Remap hardware buttons of Xbox Elite on PC
How-to guide

What is new

  • Map mouse moves and scrolls to digital controller buttons
  • Remap Xbox One S connected via Bluetooth
  • Manage configs uploaded to Community
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