New World

Developed and published by Amazon Games, New World is a stunning MMORPG you can enjoy. Choose your faction, build your character, and enjoy the gameplay. If you prefer a mouse and keyboard as your gaming devices, you're good to go as is. However, there is no New World controller support at the moment. This is where reWASD steps in!
Remap your favorite gamepad and enable New World controller support in no time. reWASD allows you to arrange the controls exactly the way you want them to be. You need to know what keyboard buttons do in-game, then bind them to your controller keys, press Apply and it's done. Such features as Shift Mode, Shortcuts, Activators will help you add even more binds for your New World controller support layout. You can also adjust the sticks and triggers deadzones, add some haptic feedback with Rumble, use your controller along with a mouse, and so much more.
Making a config from scratch may sound overwhelming at first, so take a look at the New World controller support configs our users have made. Just import them to reWASD, and Apply them to your controller: see what you can tweak up to your preference, and make your own config. Games should be about having fun, so we hope one of these New World controller support presets will help you enjoy the game!