Grand Theft Auto 5

A legendary game series' latest — Grand Theft Auto 5, is an amazing action-adventure game. Developed and published by Rockstar Games in 2013, is still a very popular game with lots of different online servers. And although there's a full GTA 5 PC controller support, many gamers don't find it comfortable.
That's where reWASD comes in hand: create your own GTA 5 PS4 controllers layout or one for the Xbox controller as well. There are also numerous options to tune: stick response, remapping the gyroscope if your controller has one, deadzone for both sticks and triggers, haptic feedback, and more. Swap native controls, or add only a few customizations and leave the basic binds the way they are.
If you're not ready to create the config from scratch, check out the awesome GTA 5 PS4 controllers (and other gamepads) configurations made by our users. You can truly find some gems here. If you have any ideas about other configs, feel free to express yourself in the comment section. And after you figure out your perfect layout for GTA 5 controller support, don't forget to share it here ;)