Choose how to remap Xbox One, DualShock or Nintendo controller

Feel the power. Remap Xbox controller from button to trigger, from pad to paddles, from gamepad to keyboard just like you want it to be. Want to use Switch Pro or DualShock on PC? It's also easy with reWASD.

reWASD gives you full control of your Xbox, DualShock and Nintendo controllers.

Combining various settings, you can assign several gamepad buttons to keyboard, mouse moves to stick directions and mouse clicks to left or right trigger.

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Unleash the power of Xbox Elite paddles

Unleash the power of Xbox Elite paddles

Don’t have enough freedom with native Xbox Accessories app while using Xbox Elite on PC? Here is when you should remap Xbox controller with reWASD. Our gamepad mapper interchanges not only the keys and buttons, but also can map Xbox Elite paddles to keyboard.

Four Xbox Elite paddles give you more control while playing. With reWASD, you can assign any action to them and get the pros of Elite controller even in the games without the native Xbox support.

Try the gamepad mapper that makes your controller truly powerful

reWASD is tailored to remap controllers like Xbox One and others. We designed this app with the Xbox Elite Wireless controller in mind, making it ideal for those using Xbox Elite on PC who want to maximize its paddles.

For users employing the Dualshock 4 or DualSense on PC, there's another zest. reWASD allows you to partition the touchpad into zones and assign up to four different mappings to it. Additionally, Nintendo Switch Pro controller support was introduced in reWASD 4.0, enabling you to utilize all reWASD capabilities with this gamepad.

reWASD enhances the native features of any supported device.

You can transform an ordinary gamepad into a Macro Controller, add a Turbo button, Toggle certain keys, apply up to 4 configs at once, switch controls with Advanced Mapping, make your Android or iOS device a Mobile Controller, and go beyond usual gaming experience with the Radial Menu.

Don't miss reWASD Junior app

Don't miss reWASD Junior app

reWASD Junior is a vital component of the reWASD ecosystem, offering seamless access to your personalized configs. Elevate and customize your gaming experience to new heights with reWASD Junior.

Experience the next level of gaming as reWASD Junior transforms your mobile phone into a multi-functional controller. Effortlessly switch between gamepad, mobile keyboard, mouse, and more, unlocking boundless possibilities at your fingertips.

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Why to use

  • Map controller to keyboard and mouse
  • Use Xbox Elite paddles in any game
  • Remap hardware buttons of Xbox, DualShock and Nintendo on PC

What is new

  • Resolved compatibility issues between reWASD and certain games;
  • Implemented restrictions to ensure stable compatibility.
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