How to make a Macro Controller with reWASD

reWASD maps gamepad controls to keyboard keys and mouse clicks.
With "Combo" feature, you can also map macros to controller button.
To start, choose a certain digital button and click "Key Combo". And it's better to check "Unmap" for this button too, so that native gamepad behavior won't mess your key sequence up.

Key Combo Editor is huge, so let's have a detailed look at it. Combo mode comes first: you can choose from "Hold until release" and "Execute at once" controller macro. If you are going to map key sequence to controller button, go to "Execute at once" mode. The whole sequence you created here will start work when you press controller button from the first till the last item no matter what you press next. Lots of keys, up to 10-minute long pauses, rumbles and many more will run automatically with only one button tap.

In "Hold until release" controller macro, you set a sequence of key presses but not the releases. All keys will go up when you release the gamepad control. So, while you hold a single one controller button, we hold the whole keyboard for you. This mode works best for common shortcuts. Let's say we map Alt + Tab to A controller button. While you hold A, the system switches between all active apps. Once you release it, the magic is over.

The simplest way ofstronghow to make a macro buttonstrongis availablefor "Execute at once" combo. You switch the Recorder on and then press neededkeys on your keyboard. reWASD removes short pauses that are not intendedto be there, but you can add them later. We detect not only keysbut also the tap duration and the delays between finished taps.

If it's your first start with our gamepad macro software, its better to try Recorder. You will see how your taps aretransformed into sequence and will quickly understand how to read it.

The recorded macro is only the first step to your perfect macro controller sequence. Now you can rearrange the keys with drag-n-drop, add pauses or rumbles from the toolbar or key context menu, remove the excess items. reWASD protects you from reckless actions, so you won't be able to create a sequence where a key is released before it was pressed or there are lone key releases without key presses.

In "Hold until release" combo, you can manage key presses, and reWASD will add all needed releases at the end of the sequence. Need to add one more key to combo? Press it on the keyboard or mouse below, and it will appear at the end of the sequence.

Anytime you feel you did something wrong, Clear the combo and start it from scratch.

Seems that there's one more button on the toolbar that we haven't described yet — Combo break. You can add up to 32 breaks while you map key sequence to controller. This controller macro will stop on each break. To continue the combo execution, press the controller button again.

How to use it in action? Map Ctrl+С and Ctrl+V divided by break to some button. When you need to copy something, press this button. The second press will work as "paste". And the combo will return to the initial state.

Typical reWASD combo executes immediately, but some games may not be able to detect those presses with our lightning speed. That is why it is recommended to add "Delay between keys" to be sure that your controller macro is recognized. 30-50ms will be enough for most games, and you won't notice such a small slowdown. So, if you tried to map key sequence to controller but the game refuses to run it, extend the delay and check again.

Otherwise, some apps require the highest speed. For example, you can create a text macro with let's say "Rush B" sequence to use in the game chat. If yes, be sure that there are no delays between keys and the phrase appears in the conversation immediately.

When your "Execute at once" combo is ready, it's time to set whether you need it to run cyclically. If yes, consider adding more Iterations and define the Pause between them. In case the combo is too long and you need an emergency stop, press both bumpers + Menu + View buttons at once, and all active controller macro sequences will be interrupted.

If you activated "Rapid Fire" feature, reWASD can also repeat the controller macro while you hold the gamepad button with Turbo mode or start it with the first button press and fire until you press the button again with Toggle mode.

"Hold until release" combo is too special to be repeated, so you can't adjust anything above mentioned for it. It will stop once you release the controller button.

Since reWASD 4.0, you can also use virtual Xbox 360 macro controller. That means, you can create combos of gamepad buttons. All other things described above — delays, pauses, breaks and modes — are available for controller macro too. You will see the collection of available gamepad actions at the bottom left. Use them wisely ;)

Once the controller combo is added, reWASD will recommend you to hide your physical gamepad and send all your presses to Xbox 360 controls. reWASD will do the dirty work instead of you, no worries. And the games will detect only one input device and will work with it properly.