Map controller to keyboard: Unmap controller buttons with reWASD

Map controller to keyboard unmap controller with reWASD

While reWASD users were remapping controller to keyboard, they’ve experienced some issues. As you know, Xbox Accessories app is the standard software that allows to manage your Xbox Elite controller. And some of the controller buttons have native actions assigned to them. So if you remap controller with reWASD, you can experience double actions performance: one from the hardware, other — mapped with reWASD. And those actions won’t perform simultaneously, one of them will be activated randomly, and that’s definitely out of the frying pan into the fire in the PC gaming process. We’ve prepared a guide of how to map controller to keyboard with reWASD unmaps to avoid accidental actions.

How to map controller to keyboard and disable unnecessary keys?

First of all, let’s see how unmaps look like on reWASD screen:

Map controller to keyboard unmap controller with reWASD

You can see the Fallout 4 config on the picture above. You can download and use this reWASD config from our user Community.

Good thing is that you can see which controller buttons are unmapped, and which ones are not. reWASD can unmap bumpers, stick clicks and axes, D-pad buttons, face buttons (XYAB), Menu, View and Xbox buttons and Elite paddles. Basically, you don’t even need to download Xbox Accessories app to unmap controller buttons with it, you can do it and map controller to keyboard with reWASD only.

Now let’s see what actions are required to unmap controller buttons:

  • Download and install reWASD. It’s free to try, so it would be easy to start.
  • Download

  • Connect your Xbox Controller to PC. You will see it in reWASD too.
  • Create a new profile, the config creates automatically. Start remapping!
  • Do "reWASD mapping" now: assign a keyboard or mouse key to the chosen controller button. Remember, that reWASD has a handy hooking feature: you can simply press the controller button and it will be chosen in reWASD as the one you want to remap. Same story with keyboard keys: to quickly assign the binding just press the button.
  • You have two options at the point of unmapping: you can choose to remap the whole D-pad or all the face buttons by one click:
  • Map controller to keyboard unmap controller with reWASD

  • Or, you can unmap the particular control. Pick the button, go to "Gamepad mapping", and choose the "Unmapped" option from the list. As a result, you have your controller button unmapped!
  • Map controller to keyboard unmap controller with reWASD

  • Return to the main mappings, remap other controller buttons if needed, click “Apply”. Remap has been activated!

To create a config that will perform properly you need to be attentive and check all the controls for unmaps, for your PC gaming experience to be the best. While you map controller to keyboard, you re-assign the actions from controls to keys, so in most cases unmaps are the best option.

We recommend you to use this feature every time you remap Xbox Elite. Then, reWASD mapping will overlap the natice controller support.

If you want to know more about mapping controller to keyboard, you can check out the How-To from reWASD official website.

The video below shows the unmapping process one more time. Be sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel where there are lots of other useful videos.

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