Cancel culture: how to live with reWASD banned within Call of Duty and Apex Legends?

The answer is - to keep building big plans because it's not over.
But let's get back to the beginning. Since the day we started to work on reWASD, it was clear that it would be something special. An app that would allow more people to enjoy their favorite games with the devices they can afford and that make their experience comfortable. An accessible and equal gaming environment is what we stand for.
From the start, we've always heard from our users and tried to improve reWASD due to the requests and users' needs. reWASD also became a part of the disabled gamers community, allowing them to get the full potential of their gaming. We didn't expect reWASD to work this way, but that happened, and now we are also proud to support this direction of reWASD development.

We hear you. We thank you.
We have always been against any form of cheating and consistently emphasized that we don't provide any form of aim assist. We do not recommend using reWASD for anything other than its intended purpose as a mapping tool, particularly in competitive online games. Notorious aim assist isn't a reWASD feature and never was; it is provided by the games themselves. All configs are created by users, for users.

The one-sided decision isn't the tool against the cheaters but against reWASD

Unfortunately, some game devs, such as Activision and EA, made a one-sided decision to make their games unworkable if reWASD is installed on the same computer, trying to ban the app from usage.
We haven't been contacted to warn us or to find a compromise or common solution on how to fight cheaters.
Thus, their fight against cheaters ended up as fighting against ordinary reWASD users and reWASD software itself.
It is no secret for anyone, that there are lots of apps that have cheating and aim assist as a main purpose. As before, we are against any form of cheating.
Banning reWASD is not a solution against cheaters, nor those abusing aim assist.
We have always been and always will be open to discussions on how to bring a better experience for players on any level.

reWASD cancel culture and the aftermath: what about them?

It's crucial to understand that reWASD is a tool. Picture a knife and a grenade. The latter is designed solely for destruction. But a knife, as a tool, can be used either for preparing a meal or for a criminal situation. Similarly, reWASD serves as a versatile tool for gamers, enhancing their gaming experience and accessibility. Nobody can cancel knives, right? Yet, canceling a tool like reWASD is akin to banning knives because they can be misused; it disregards the myriad legitimate and positive ways it can be employed.
What sparked this reWASD cancel culture, and did it effectively stop cheaters? We don't think so. We're already aware of numerous real cheating programs (no ads - no names) that emerged after the "smart updates" from games. These are real grenades already in use. So, what is the plan to fight them? Are the game devs aware of their existence?

reWASD needs your support

We urge our user community to show their support for reWASD. Share your positive experiences on social media, game devs official channels and support pages. Let your voice be heard. Together, we can demonstrate the value of reWASD to gamers around the world.
You can reach EA and Activision here.

Open to dialogue no matter what

We reiterate our openness to dialogue with game developers not only for Activision and EA but for all who are seeking a way to make gaming fair and equal. We seek a common ground that addresses concerns about cheating while allowing reWASD to function as an essential mapping tool for our users. To discover more details visit our GitHub repository.
However, as of now, we do not recommend buying reWASD for such games as the Call Of Duty series or Apex Legends. We promise you to keep looking for possibilities to bring you the best experience in any game.

Are there any plans?

It's what we've started with, right? Rest assured, we are actively working on improving reWASD. At the same time, 2024 is promising a bunch of hot game releases, like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl, so we can't wait to try it out.
Stay tuned! We do the same ;) Together, we'll enhance the gaming environment and bring the best practices of fairness and accessibility.
Our commitment to providing the best possible solution for our users remains unwavering.