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Need to control PC with gamepad, but Windows doesn't seem to recognize stick moves as mouse moves? Guess what, we have a solution for you! reWASD is the software that lets you use controller as mouse, reWASD now supports Xbox and PlayStation controllers. It's not that hard, to use Xbox controller as mouse you need to install reWASD, then — create a config with all the needed actions mapped to controller buttons. Another feature that will definitely make your life easier is the key combos: you can add your most used shortcuts to one button. This is super useful for different programs that permit using the shortcuts. For example, Photoshop: there are a lot of shortcuts that correspond almost to all the possible functions. You can use the same config for browsing as well!
If you'd like to use a ready-to-go config, you can try one of the settings below. Every one of them has the basic combos you need, and you can use controller as mouse on desktop without any problems!