Unturned is a free-to-play survival game, developed and published by Smartly Dressed Games in 2017. Having both single-player and multiplayer mode, it follows the concept of zombie survival. The best thing is that online co-op is also available in Unturned, so you can play with your friends. The only thing that will bother you — the lack of Unturned controller support, and reWASD is here to fix this issue right away.
If you're looking for a way how to play Unturned with a controller, you've found one. Assign keyboard bindings to a controller, and enjoy playing the game with a perfect Unturned controller support layout you'll create by yourself. You also can change the way gamepad behaves by changing its hardware settings, which will make your Unturned controller support even more personalized.
You feel like you don't want to make a new config for Unturned controller support from scratch? Here are some cool the ready-to-go presets for Unturned controller support, you can find them below. Remember, that you can change those settings a bit, to solve the how to play Unturned with a controller question forever!