Take a look at one of the fighting game giants installment — Tekken 7 — developed and published by Bandai Namco Studios in 2015. Even though the game came out a few years ago, it's still super popular among gamers. But some of them don't like the native Tekken 7 controller settings and look for a way to change it. If you're one of them — you've come to the right page!
reWASD makes it possible to change Tekken 7 Legacy controller layout: you can whether change the hardware bindings or compose the preset of keyboard keys. There are many more options available, for example, you can change stick and trigger settings, add haptic feedback, assign custom bindings for Xbox Elite paddles is you use Xbox Elite controller. Anything that can make your Tekken 7 PC controller experience better!
If you don't feel like making a config from the very beginning — you can start with one of the ready-steady Tekken 7 PC controller layouts that we've prepared for you! Feel free to change the layout if you wish, maybe some ideas will appear while playing the game, and you'll perfect your Tekken 7 Legacy controller setting right away.