Star Wars Battlefront 2

An amazing action-shooter based on the worldwide famous Star Wars franchise, Star Wars Battlefront 2, was released in 2017 by Electronic Arts. Mesmerizing landscapes, epic battles, tangled plot, what else could you wish? Maybe, flawless controller support? You've got it!
reWASD permits to rearrange the binds for Star Wars Battlefront 2 controller support and create the layout that is comfortable for you personally. You can use Joy-Cons, Nintendo Switch Pro, Steam controller for this game by turning them into the Virtual Xbox 360, One, or DualShock 4. Or, if you wish, you can mute the input from your gamepad, and assign keyboard and mouse binds to it. If you want to remap Xbox Elite paddles, that's also possible, make those 4 controls useful!
If you don't know what to start with, you can always pick one of the existing configurations for Star Wars Battlefront 2 controller support. A lot of our users were quite enthusiastic and shared their work with the world. There are lots of great Star Wars Battlefront 2 controller support layouts here, so this would be an easy start.