A very popular 3D first-person open-world exploration and factory building game — Satisfactory — conquered the hearts of many gamers with its stunning graphics. Even though the game is in the early access stage, it already has a strong fanbase. Developed and published by Coffee Stain studio in 2019, the developing process goes on. Even though Satisfactory controller support works well, some gamers look for ways to make an alternative layout for it, and that's where they find reWASD.
You can rearrange the existing Satisfactory controller support scheme, change the behavior of all analog controls to increase the preciseness of input, add haptic feedback and more. If the game doesn't recognize your gamepad, you can always emulate an Xbox 360, and use your gamepad in any game. If you want to add keyboard keybinds, you also can do that: mute the native Satisfactory controller support completely with unmaps, and add a bunch of keyboard keys to it instead.
If you are not sure what to begin with, try some of the ready-to-go Satisfactory controller support layouts from our community. You can change them a bit to make the perfect Satisfactory controller support setting!