Rogue Company

An amazing free to play third-person shooter — Rogue Company — was released in 2020, and it gained popularity among gamers. Developed by First Watch Games, the game includes a lot of different characters to choose from. It also supports a controller, but some enthusiastic players look for ways to change Rogue Company controls, improve the layout, and make the gameplay handier. reWASD can help you change the binds both for the controller and for mouse and keyboard too!
With our tool, you can change the native layout on your devices, and achieve the handiest preset for gaming. reWASD permits you to emulate a controller with your keyboard and mouse, or turn the gamepad that is not supported by the game into DualShock 4 or Xbox gamepads. Rearrange the bonds, make some useful combinations, add a few activators if you feel like you don't have enough controls, tweak gamepad sticks or triggers for better gameplay, and many other adjustments!
Our Community has some ready-to-use presets that you can try and set up to your needs. Don't hesitate to import one of these Rogue Company settings to improve your gaming experience. This is a great opportunity to start remapping!