The Elder Scrolls Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion is the fourth installment in TES action fantasy series, developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks and 2K Games in 2006. It's an awesome and very popular action RPG with hundreds of fans all over the world. Although, if you're a fan of gamepads, you will have some troubles with Oblivion controller support: the game doesn't have native gamepad maintenance. That's why reWASD will help you out!
This awesome gamepad mapper will let you create your personal Oblivion controller mod: change the gamepad behavior completely, tune deadzones for sticks and triggers, add rumble for certain buttons, and many more. You can rearrange the keyboard bindings, and eventually use a custom Oblivion controller support mod that will be perfect for you.
If you prefer using some ready-to-go presets for Oblivion controller mod, you can find them below. Remember, that you can change those settings a bit, to make the perfect Elder Scrolls Oblivion controller support configuration!