League of Legends

There's no person in this reality who hasn't heard about the famous MOBA — League of Legends. Developed and published by Riot Games in 2009, this game received acclamation from all over the world and still is a very popular game. However, it does not support gamepads. You may say that it's impossible to play League of Legends with a controller, but with reWASD, there's nothing you can't do ;)
Our features permit you to create a perfect League of Legends controller support setting that will serve you best. You can use Stick Zones feature to move your character around, use Activators and Shortcuts to bind all the controls for casting spells, and then boom — a perfect League of Legends controller setting is ready to use!
Try out some of the configs made by other users first: check them out below. A lot of enthusiastic folks have shared their presets to make your life easier, pick the one that looks best to you and import it. You can edit the binds to make the perfect League of Legends controller support config, and enjoy the game.