Jade Empire

Jade Empire is an amazing action RP game, developed by BioWare and published by Microsoft in 2005. Even though it may seem that it came out a while ago, many gamers enjoy playing it. The only thing that may stop you from the best gaming experience is that the Jade Empire PC controller is not supported. Which can be easily fixed by reWASD!
Our software is perfect to remap controllers to keyboard and mouse binds, which you can further use for any games on PC. Your custom-made Jade Empire controller support preset can be as comfortable as you can imagine: set actions to double and triple press, add some haptic feedback, change mouse sensitivity to match your needs, or maybe even add some useful combos. You have absolutely no limits, make any Jade Empire PC controller settings you wish.
Not feeling comfortable making the config from scratch? Check out some of the existing Jade Empire controller support presets other users have shared. If you like one of them, you can Import it right away, and try it. Change a few binds that don't feel comfortable, and boom — you've got yourself a perfect Jade Empire PC controller setting :)