Elite Dangerous

A great online space adventure, trading, and combat simulation game — Elite Dangerous — developed and published by Frontier Developments in 2014. A 1:1 scale open world galaxy based on the real Milky Way awaits, lots of space stations and trade deals! The game looks stunning, and it's worth of spending days for the exploration. Although there are a few Elite Dangerous controller support schemes in game, you can make them even better and more personalized with the best gamepad mapper.
To make your custom Elite Dangerous Xbox One controller layout, you will need reWASD. We know you need plenty of controls to play this game, that's not a problem. Just use Shift mode to make the Elite Dangerous Xbox One controller setup for the better gaming experience. If you feel that the native layout is okay for you, but the Stick response is not appropriate, you can also change it with reWASD. This tool can be helpful in any way you want to customize the Elite Dangerous controller support.
If you prefer using some ready-to-go presets for Elite Dangerous PC controller support, you can find them below. Remember, that you can change those settings a bit, to make the perfect Elite Dangerous controller support configuration!