Rocket League

Developed and published by Psyonix in 2015, Rocket League is one of the most popular games of a vehicular soccer video game genre. It's the sequel to Psyonix's Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, a game that came out for PlayStation 3 in 2008. Best Rocket League controller settings would be the custom ones, they definitely will make multiplayer easier to handle: the point is that each team has from one to four players that have their "rocket-powered cars", and all you need to do is to hit a ball into their opponent's goal. Once you find the perfect Rocket League controller setup, gameplay becomes even better.
Rocket League controller deadzone seems to be the most problematic thing, that's what reWASD can deal with. Change the way Sticks and Triggers react to presses, it's fully customizable. If you want to make your best Rocket League controller settings instead of the native ones, use reWASD: you can rearrange all keys the way you find comfortable.
Here are some of the best Rocket League controller settings, you can find them below. Remember, that you can change those configs a bit, to make the Rocket League controller setup that fits you the most.