Black Desert Online

Developed and published by Pearl Abyss in 2017, a fantasy MMORPG — Black Desert Online, is in high demand among gamers. If you haven't tried this game, you definitely should: the setting is fantastic, so is the gameplay. The only obstacle could be a partial Black Desert Online controller support, but that's easily fixed with the remapping powers of reWASD!
Reassign the controls that are not in the right place, and make a perfect layout: reWASD permits to rebind controller, keyboard, and mouse buttons to your physical gamepad. If you prefer the all-time PC classics — keyboard and mouse — you can change the controls as well, maybe add some combos to spice up the layout a little? How about tuning the sticks and triggers to make the Black Desert Online controller setting handier? Everything is possible with reWASD :)
If you're not sure what to start with, be our guest and import one of the configs you see below. Those are the ones our users have shared, you can change these Black Desert Online controller support configs up to your preference.