A very loud release happened at the end of February 2019: Anthem came out. It's been days and days since the game was announced, and now you can finally try it yourself! It's an online multiplayer action-RPG, developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Even though critics had different opinions concerning Anthem, it was accepted by the gaming community pretty well.
Although, many gamers are trying to find a way to make Anthem PC controller support custom. If you feel like the native gamepad preset is uncomfortable, it's completely normal to look for or create your own Anthem controller layout. And that's what reWASD can do! You can swap the controls, change lots of stick settings, add haptic feedback, create different macros, add controller button shortcuts, and much more. Feel free to change Anthem PC controller support make your gaming experience enjoyable!
If you don't want to make config from scratch, feel free to use one of the Anthem controller layout configs from our community. You also can change the layout if you wish, maybe some ideas will appear while playing the game, and you'll perfect your Anthem PC controller support setting right away.