Radial Menu: What it brings to the table and how do I even use it?

Radial Menu: What it brings to the table and how do I use it?

Looking for even more keybinds to unleash your gaming potential? Or maybe you're a graphic designer seeking a more efficient workflow? Well, we have something for you. 

Radial Menu is a customizable tool that allows users to organize commands, shortcuts, and controller settings in an intuitive radial layout. With its versatility, users can tailor the Radial Menu to suit their specific needs, whether they're immersed in a virtual battlefield or navigating complex software.

Here are just a few use cases for the Radial Menu:

Increase Your Gaming Performance:

We certainly know that in gaming, split-second decisions can mean the difference between a victory and defeat. We developed Radial Menu, so advanced gamers can assign frequently used abilities, spells, or combos to easily accessible sectors on the menu. Whether executing a complex combo in a fighting or activating your ultimate abilities in an RPG, Radial Menu empowers players to act swiftly and decisively.

Just a few examples:

 Active Shooter Games:



Tactical Strategy:

Sid Meier’s Civilization is a trademark of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

Quick Pick:


Better Productivity for Designers:

Graphic designers often rely on a large amount of tools and commands to bring their creations to life. With the Radial Menu, you can streamline your workflow by assigning commonly used functions, such as brush tools, color selection, or layer adjustments, to the radial layout. This allows access to essential tools without interrupting creative flow, ultimately enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Fresh Multimedia Control:

Beyond gaming and design, Radial Menu can also serve as a versatile tool for multimedia control. Whether editing videos, navigating presentations, or controlling media playback, you can customize Radial Menu to accommodate preferred shortcuts and commands. Its intuitive interface provides quick and effortless access to essential functions, simplifying tasks across various apps.

Customized Accessibility Options:

For users with accessibility needs, the Radial Menu offers a customizable solution to adapt controller settings for optimal comfort and usability. Whether adjusting sensitivity, remapping controls, or assigning macros, Radial Menu is the tool to accommodate unique preferences and requirements, ensuring an inclusive gaming and computing experience for all.

   No Limits On That One:

We already have some feedback from our users and we are amazed by your creativity with the Radial Menu. We are happy that our features are bringing you even more than we could expect!

How do I set this up?

To set your pretty own radial menu follow next steps:

1. While setting up your config, set the very special button to open your radial menu. There it is bind for one of side mouse buttons:

2. Open Radial Menu Shift-layer to set up your comfortable controls for radial menu:

3. Click the radial menu icon in the top of your reWASD panel:

4.Setup the radial menu itself with mappings using 16 available sectors and 8 subsectors for each. Choose the icon and custom color:

5. Customize the appearance of the radial menu:

Learn how to setup your radial menu in our help and on our youtube.

reWASD's Radial Menu feature represents a significant advancement in gaming and productivity software, offering users a versatile tool to enhance your user-experiences across various applications. Whether optimizing gaming performance, streamlining design workflows, or simplifying multimedia control, Radial Menu empowers users to customize their experience and unleash their full potential. Embrace the future of control and efficiency with reWASD's Radial Menu today.