More ways to remap controller to keyboard. Coming soon!

Map Controller to Keyboard for PC Gaming

A few days left until the reWASD 1.3 comes out, we've been teasing reWASD users with short posts on our Facebook page. As release approaches, reWASD team would like to sum up the new features and tell you about them. The features that are described below are the most massive in this release, we're also working on bug fixes, graphic interface changes and many more.

Adjust mouse acceleration

When you remap controller to keyboard while creating configs for first-person shooters, you may notice that camera movements (mouse up, down, left, right) set to stick change the view insanely quickly. It's not always good, because you can't focus on the view you currently need. Upcoming reWASD version fixes this problem!

Mouse emulation was improved comparing to previous version, and what is even more important — our team worked on mouse acceleration. In the next version of reWASD, you'll be able to tune the mouse sensitivity while you map controller to keyboard.

Map controller to keyboard and... to controller!

Hardware mapping is a useful thing: if you've used Xbox Accessories app before you can forget about it now and use reWASD both for mapping controller to keyboard and for hardware remapping.

You can easily map controller buttons to Elite paddles with reWASD. PC games recognize any controller as Xbox 360, even if you're using the luxury Xbox Elite on PC, so Xbox paddles won't be activated. As you know, Xbox Accessories app permits to bind any controller button to Xbox paddles, and reWASD can assign any keyboard key or controller button to them.

Still you may use Xbox Accessories app for hardware updates and some other adjustments. reWASD is focused on remapping features, and we are the best in what we are doing ;)

Map Xbox 360 controller to keyboard

This feature has been requested right after the first reWASD release. As we've already mentioned in PC controller review, Xbox 360 is one of the handiest and cheapest controllers, and Xbox 360 controller owners eagerly wait to remap it with reWASD. An upcoming version will include Xbox 360 maintenance.

Sticks: Invert Y-axis, set stick response and dead zone

Many of you were demanding these three features to appear, and our team is working on them. The upcoming version of reWASD will permit you invert the Y-axis on sticks and change the response settings on Xbox Elite Controller. reWASD will propose you to choose one of the existing profiles with different stick response level while you map controller to keyboard.

Another awesome feature will permit you customize the dead zone — the stick zone where nothing happens. It works both ways: on the one hand, it will be possible to make your stick less sensitive (if your controller is not right-from-the-store, sticks are damaged and they are super sensitive even if you're not pressing them). On the other hand, if your sticks are tight, new, and it takes you efforts to activate them — be our guest: reWASD will permit you to make your sticks a little bit more sensitive. This feature is a must-have for all PC gamers who map controller to keyboard, and we're glad to provide it to you soon!

Hook keys while mapping controller to keyboard

You've surely heard about keyboard hooks that make remapping easier: you simply choose the controller button to map and then you press the keyboard key to assign. reWASD went further — we propose you to hook controller buttons. Press button on your controller — reWASD will hook and find it in the Button mapping list right away.

We still have an ace in the hole. I'm sure reWASD 1.3 will surprise you. Our gamepad mapper becomes even more powerful and essential for those who map controller to keyboard. Have some ideas how to make it better? Do not hesitate to write in the comments below.

To keep your hand on the pulse follow our Facebook page or Pinterest board, we'll let you know each time a new post appears in reWASD blog.

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